Learn to Run

A List of Equipment

Click on the coloured hyperlink to complete your PARQ + questionnaire and see your MD if required 

Gather you running shoes and comfortable clothing. Click here for a video describing useful items or refer to the list below:

  1. Shirts - choose something that will not hold moisure like synthetic fabrics like Polyester. 
    Cotten tends to hold moisture and is therefor less comfortable.
  2. Shorts - as per shirt material. Again to to avoid cotten underwear. Most running shorts come with a liner so some choose to go without.
  3. Socks - generally it is wise to avoid thick socks as they make it difficult to keep the foot stable in the shoe. Once again cottons water retaining quality makes this material undesirable in a sock. Polyester and acrylic are recommended. 
  4. Calf compression sleeves - those with varicose viens or a predisposition to them may find that a compression sleeve for thier calf preserves thier comfort and prevents deterioration of thier varicosities. 
  5. Headwear - a cap wth a peak or headband / light weight toque for cooler weather. 
  6. Eyewear - sunglasses for late afternoon or dusk 
  7. Shoes - we will be doing a special session on shoes. Beginners need to be certain that the outsole is free from wear, the midsole shows no horizontal lines ( indicating an incomplete return to full expansion) and the fabric upper sitting centered over the heel 
  8. Fanny pack to hold cell phone, ID and cab fare! 
  9. Cell phone or a timer to guide your walk / run intervals. There are many apps out there, some of them at no charge. We find RunKeeper well suited to this program Click here for more information 

* A guideline to choose your clothes ( dress as if the weather is cooler if windy) : 
Adapted from Linda Kirk's "learn to run" handbook.  Thank you to Linda and the Georgetown Runners for thier contributions to running in Georgetown. 

> 21 deg C  lightweight / light - coloured singlet and shorts 
> 10 and < 20 deg c  T shirt / Shorts 
> 0 < 10 deg C  Long sleeve shirt / shorts or tights 
> - 12 < 0 deg c  2 upper body layers and one lower body layer 

Go for casual walks. Choose a time and distance that you are sure are within your capabilties then increase the duration by 10% after each successsful ( non-painful) outing until you reach 45 minutes every other day for 1 week 

THen you are ready for step 2!