What Do You Need?

Cancer Rehab Program

Cancer RibbonOne of the hardest things to overcome after completing cancer treatment is the feeling of fatigue.

The simplest of tasks, from taking the children to school to trying to complete the grocery shopping can become an overwhelming and daunting task because you are too exhausted.

At Ross Physiotherapy we have professionals who can help you get back to living your life to the full.

Our Post Cancer Rehab ProgramCancer Fitness

Once your medical professional has given you the go ahead to start our program we will book you in for an assessment with one of our physiotherapists and kinesiologists, both certified in cancer rehabilitation.

We will create a treatment and gym program specifically for your needs to increase your aerobic capacity, balance and physical strength. In some cases, you may work alongside other people with similar goals,
providing a network of friendship and encouragement.


As with all our programs, funding is dealt with on an individual basis. We will attempt to liaise with your extended health care plan and advise you of the outcome. In cases where extended health care is not available, we may be able to provide funding through other sources. In all cases, please call 905 873 ROSS (7677) to discuss your options, we will be happy to help.