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Have You Tried Everything?..Still In Pain?

The older the practice gets, the more we see patients who come to us because their condition has not responded to standard forms of treatment.   This is often a terribly frustrating and in some cases, very depressing situation for the patient and their families.

Failure to respond to conventional physical therapies is why Dr Chan Gunn developed a unique system of assessing and treating chronic pain while working at the Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia during the 1970 – 90’s.  

This approach seemed to fulfill the needs of those people who “ have tried everything” so Gerry pursued Gunn IMS training at the University of British Columbia and is now one of the few Gunn IMS practitioners in the region.  

If you would like to know more about this unique approach to the treatment of chronic pain, please click on the link GunnIMS or call 905 873 7677 and one of us will be happy to chat with you.