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Manual Manipulation

Manual manipulation is the passive movement of joints. Sometimes it may also refer to a “thrust” technique where the therapist moves a joint quickly over a very short distance. This quick movement will sometimes make  a ‘popping’ sound.  Most therapists will use passive movement, but not all therapists use the thrust movement.

Manual manipulation can help you heal in several ways:

  • Muscles may relax
  • Pieces of cartilage may fall into place and allow better motion
  • Tissues that have been shortened by scar tissue can be lengthened
  • Joints that feel ‘stuck’ may feel unstuck
Just how that ‘stuck’ joint feels less stuck after the quick movement, with or without a pop, is not consistent amongst professions and experts, however, in some cases the relief that is experienced is quite dramatic. 

At RPS we believe that thrust techniques are sometimes a very important part of your treatment but we will always teach you about why the problem happened and what you would benefit from doing at home, to get well and to stay that way.  Thrust techniques can be done safely, relative to many other forms of treatment like anti-inflammatiories and other commmon remedies for painful joints. 

Make Sure Your Therapist is Qualified!

The Ontario Government has chosen to include application of thrust techniques to the spine, in a list of acts that they feel pose some risk and therefore only certain professions are permitted to do them.  Physiotherapists are included in the list of professions

Registered Physiotherapists may further develop their expertise by completing a number of courses and examinations.  Gerry Ross, the clinic's founder, has completed all the levels of certification and examination offered in one of the oldest internationally recognised groups in Canada. This allows him to use the FCAMT designation.  Click Gerry's picture to find out more about him.

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