What Do You Need?


Taping Courses.

For some of our clients, taping your injury may be a part of your treatment to complement your rehab.  Taping helps to stabilize an injury while the body is still recovering and it can help you to carry on with your daily life.

There are many common taping techniques that are useful to know and may help get yourself, your children or your athletes back in the game a little faster and a little safer and learning to tape correctly can be invaluable to you.

At Ross Physiotherapy,  we hold courses and seminars for groups of 5 or more to teach you how to effectively tape the most common injuries in sports today including ankles, arches, thumbs, elbows and wrists.

Call 905 873 ROSS (7677) for more information on our taping courses or to book a seminar for 5 or more people.